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Innovation Festival in Reims: When research meets innovative entrepreneurship

In a world where patient health and safety are paramount, innovation in the pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role.

It is in this context that the Fête de l'Innovation was held on June 20 in Reims, a flagship event organized by Innovact,the local incubator of excellence.

This evening was an opportunity to Design Data to present Serial BI, its revolutionary solution in pharmaceutical traceability and the fight against counterfeit medicines.

Christophe Pierrat de Design Data présenter la solution Serial BI

A hub for innovation and exchange

Design Data présente la solution Serial BI

The Fête de l'Innovation, orchestrated by Innovact, a member of the Quest for Change network, has established itself as an unmissable event for those involved in research and innovative entrepreneurship. The event brought together :

● University research teams

● Innovative startups

● Established companies like Serial BI

This meeting created unique synergies between the academic world and the private sector, thus promoting the emergence of innovative solutions to meet the current challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

Serial BI, an innovative solution for the pharmaceutical industry

Christophe Pierrat de Design Data présenter la solution Serial BI

At the heart of this dynamic ecosystem, Christophe Pierrat de Design Data Serial BI presented, our Business Intelligence solution specialized in the management of drug serialization alerts.

This state-of-the-art solution meets several major challenges :

  • Optimized traceability : Real-time monitoring of drugs from the factory to the patient

  • Counterfeit detection : Using advanced algorithms to identify suspicious products

  • Efficient recall management : Quickly locate problematic batches when needed

  • Regulatory Compliance : Adapting to the Stringent Standards of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The impact of innovation on patient safety

The adoption of solutions such as Serial BI can have a significant impact on patient safety and the efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Here's how :

  • Reducing the risks associated with counterfeit medicines : Early detection prevents the release of dangerous products.

  • Improved responsiveness in the event of a problem : Accurate traceability facilitates targeted and timely product recalls.

  • Optimized inventory management : Better visibility helps prevent stock-outs and ensure fulfillment availability.

  • Increased patient trust : Increased transparency reassures consumers about the authenticity and quality of medicines.

Towards a dynamic innovation ecosystem in Reims

Design Data à la Fête de l'Innovation de Innovact à Reims

The Innovation Festival is part of a broader dynamic carried out by the PUI INNOREM (Reims University Innovation Centre).

This initiative aims to :

● Encourage entrepreneurship resulting from university research

● Facilitate technology transfer to the private sector

● Creating an enabling environment for innovation in health

This desire to promote events around innovation perfectly illustrates the dynamics of the Grand Est region.

It has allowed us to forge valuable connections with researchers and other innovators, paving the way for future collaborations.

Innovation for public health

La participation de Design Data à la Fête de l'Innovation de Reims illustre parfaitement comment la collaboration entre recherche et entrepreneuriat peut conduire à des avancées significatives dans le domaine de la santé.

En combinant l'expertise académique avec des solutions technologiques innovantes, nous pouvons espérer un avenir où la sécurité des médicaments et l'efficacité des traitements seront considérablement améliorées.

The continued commitment of players such as Innovact, Serial BI and local startups to this innovation dynamic promises exciting developments for the pharmaceutical industry and, ultimately, for patient health.

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