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Projets clients de Design Data
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Personalized BI
shaped for your objectives

When you have to consolidate an important volume of data provided by from many data sources, it is not always easy to know how to analyze them to obtain information that really helps you in your decision making.


Our team knows how to adapt to any type of environment and of business.

Our approach makes it possible to put rapidly first Dashboards in place.

Depending on the first insights obtained, we are developing this dashboard to make it a real daily management tool.

Here are examplesintervention thatDesignData

was able to lead with several companies:

The Design Data solution

Design Data, dashboard for data management

Discover our solution Serial BI dedicated to the serialization and the pharmaceutical industry.

SerialBI logo

Pharmaceutical sector

Design Data has an excellent knowledge of the different careers in the pharmaceutical industry and has been able to support a major player in the sector.

The customer challenge

A tedious and time-consuming consolidation made from thousands of rows in a excel table to identify and certify pharmacy stocks.

The solution Design Data 

Easier and faster to analyze, a cockpit also made it possible to identify problems that had not been identified.

Learn more about our solution dedicated to serialization

Real estate sector

Design Data makes you gain visibility whatever your activity. 

The customer challenge

Connecting its real estate portfolio management tool, and it rental management, financial tools to obtain reliable and readable data.


The Design Data solution

A project led by iterations allowing to certify the relevance of the data and then to arrange them thanks to the dashboards diagrams.

Design Data, dashboard for data management
Design Data et RGPD

Compliance and GDPR

Design Data supports companies to guarantee their IT compliance regarding GDPR.


Customer issues

A large part of the legal tasks on charters, legal notices, cookies, supplier contracts, etc. are in place. Howerver, the systems having evolved, several questions remained open:

  • Has the surveillance video been archived?

  • Have the employees concerned by the personal data been properly trained?

  • Have users received at least training on computer security and best practices when they are on site or working remotely?


The DesignData solution

Creation of a DPO cockpit with indicators for monitoring the main data flow regarding GDPR. One smart dashboard which made it possible to replace many Excel files.

Additional advantage: The cockpit has also been extended to HR, supplier management, etc.

Projets : Pharma
Projets: RGPD

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