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Boost your sales performance with Design Data

For sales managers, the close monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential in order to effectively manage activity, identify areas for improvement and maximise sales.

However, keeping an overview is a challenge when data is scattered across different systems.

Strategies to optimise your sales performance

This is where Design Data's data visualisation solutions add real value.

By centralising your business and sales data within a single data visualisation platform, our Business Intelligence experts provide you with customised, interactive dashboards that allow you to see the evolution of your strategic KPIs at a glance.

cockpit de gestion pour les Directions commerciales par Design Data

Analyse the performance of your sales force

Get crystal-clear visibility of both the individual and consolidated results of your sales teams:

  • number of calls

  • number of appointments

  • conversion rate

  • time to signature

  • sales revenue

  • commissions

  • etc.

Quickly identify the points to watch and the stages in your sales cycle that need improving. You can also identify sales staff who are having difficulties, so that you can provide them with personalised support and help them to progress.

Control your costs and margins

Thanks to the Design Data data cockpit, you'll also be able to get an overview of your purchasing costs, production costs and margins by product/service.

You can refine your analysis according to your needs, even going so far as to identify the best or worst-selling product. It's up to you to define the depth and breadth of the KPIs you want to analyse.

This will enable you to fine-tune your pricing strategy by customer and globally. And you can also anticipate cost drift thanks to the predictive alert functions.

Pilotez votre portefeuille clients

Avec nos tableaux de bord dynamiques, surveillez aussi vos volumes de vente, la contribution de vos différents segments de clientèle, l’évolution de votre part de marché, etc.

Vous pourrez aller jusqu'à identifier les marchés et segments porteurs représentant les meilleurs relais de croissance et donc à cibler en priorité.

Manage your customer portfolio

With our dynamic dashboards, you can also monitor your sales volumes, the contribution of your different customer segments, changes in your market share, and so on.

You can even go so far as to identify the markets and segments that represent the best growth drivers, and which should therefore be targeted as a priority.

Reveal the hidden potential of your data with Design Data!

cockpit de gestion pour les Directions commerciales par Design Data

As you can see, Design Data's smart dashboards give you real flexibility to exploit the full potential of your sales data, whatever the specific nature of your business.

Whether you want to optimise your product mix, adjust your teams' incentives or prioritise your efforts on the most profitable segments, you'll have the ideal tool for making the best sales decisions.

Thanks to efficient consolidation and crystal-clear visualisation of your sales data within a single platform, Design Data solutions will enable you to improve your agility, responsiveness and sustainable performance.

While there are many turnkey tools available, the Design Data cockpit offers the advantage of being 100% customisable to your specific needs. Our BI experts will develop an intelligent management tool for you, making it easier to identify opportunities and rapidly deploy the necessary corrective actions.

Join the ranks of companies

that make the most of their data!

Design Data, Consulting & Smart data visualisation solutions to simplify decision-making..


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