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What is Design Data, the Data Visualization Management Cockpit?

L'approche Design Data pour la créaiton de tableaux de bord interactifs

Effective data management has become crucial for companies, and Design Data is positioned as an expert in the field, offering a cockpit for managing data visualization.

But what does that actually mean?

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the art of presenting complex data in a visual way, making it easier to understand and analyze.

That's where Design Data comes in, turning raw data into intelligent dashboards.

How does the Design Data Cockpit work?

The Design Data Cockpit acts as an intuitive interface, allowing users to visualize and analyze data in a simplified way.

This approach promotes informed decision-making, highlighting fully customized dashboards that are easy to analyze.

How Design Data Is Different: Implementation Made Easy by Iteration

What is Iteration?

Iteration is a cyclical process of repetition where each new version builds on the previous one.

Design Data leverages this approach to create interactive dashboards for flexible and adaptable data visualization.

How Design Data works: The difference between Design Data

Design Data stands out for its simplified process for creating its data management cockpit. The goal is to put as little stress on the end user as possible and provide them with a tool that can be used immediately.

To define the data to be analysed and especially to define which results or trends need to be highlighted and analyzed, Design Data proposes to move forward by iteration.

No need to write complex specifications. All you have to do is involve a contact person within the company who is familiar with the data stored in the database(s).

Then, thanks to only three workshops per iteration, the Design Data teams will be able to create a personalized control cockpit. This ensures rapid deployment while perfectly meeting the identified needs.

Many companies are already using Design Data, the Haier Group, which was immediately seduced by the effectiveness of Design Data iterative approach.

"The iterative approach used by the Design Data Consulting team allowed us to quickly have a set of dashboards corresponding to our needs in a few remote meetings." confirms Fabien Piquet, Haier's Sales Director.

In conclusion, Design Data is positioned as a privileged partner in data management, offering a unique data visualization management cockpit.

Its iterative approach simplifies implementation, making Design Data an attractive option for companies looking to optimize the analysis and understanding of their data.

Want to know more about our cockpits and how they can simplify and improve the understanding of your data?Talk to our team now!

Design Data Consulting, Conseil & Solutions d'analyse intelligentes pour simplifier la prise de décision.


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