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How can data visualization help you manage your business better?

Data visualisation facile avec Design Data

Are you looking for a solution to optimize the management of your business? Would you like to harness the potential of your data to make informed decisions, save time, communicate more easily and innovate?

Then you need data visualisation with intelligent dashboards!

What is data visualisation?

Data visualisation is the art of graphically representing complex data to make it easier to understand and analyse. With data visualisation, you can turn your data into insights and action.

Decision-making support

Data visualisation enables you to visualise your key performance indicators (KPIs), compare scenarios and detect trends, anomalies and opportunities. So you can make informed decisions based on data, not intuition.

Save time and increase efficiency

Data visualisation also allows you to save time and increase efficiency by quickly accessing the information you need. You no longer need to spend hours sorting, analysing and summarising your data. You have an interactive dashboard that gives you an overview and detailed view of your business.

Communication tool

Finally, data visualisation makes it easier for you to communicate with your staff, customers and partners. You can share clear, attractive reports that highlight your results and recommendations. In this way, you can boost your credibility, confidence and satisfaction.

Why choose data visualisation?

Design Data gives you access to a high-performance data visualisation tool. We create intelligent and above all 100% customised dashboards, like management cockpits perfectly adapted to your analysis needs, with an intuitive and customisable interface.

You can:

  • Connect your data sources, whether local or in the cloud, structured or unstructured.

  • Clean and structure your data with advanced transformation and modelling functions.

  • Select the chart types best suited to your needs, from a wide range of visual options.

  • Customise the design and ergonomics of your dashboards, choosing colours, fonts, icons and filters to match your brand image.

  • Interact with your dashboards, using features such as drill-down, slicer or Q&A.

  • Share your dashboards with your users, by publishing them on the web or on a mobile application.

How can I benefit from Design Data's expertise in data visualisation?

Data visualisation facile avec Design Data

Design Data specialises in creating intelligent, 100% customised dashboards. We help you define your needs, design your dashboards, train

your users and monitor your projects.

We have recognised experience in a wide range of business sectors (pharmaceutical industry, real estate, finance, logistics, etc.), and work for a wide range of departments including marketing, finance, human resources and general management. We have already produced dashboards for prestigious clients such as Haier and the TDF Group.

Data visualisation is a powerful tool for managing your business more effectively. With Design Data, you can finally turn your data into insights and action.

If you would like to benefit from our expertise in data visualisation, please contact us. We'll give you a free, personalised quote.

Would you like to find out more about our cockpits and how they can simplify and improve the management of your business?

Talk to our team today!

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