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When Design Data meets the needs of Haier France

New collaboration with Haier France

Haier France becomes client of Design Data

From now on, the sales team of Haier France will be able to follow sales more easily throughout the territory to the nearest store, thanks to the cockpit of Design Data.

We are delighted to be able to meet the needs of Haier France by providing them with a pragmatic solution that is easily usable by their sales team, says Edouard Gobert, CEO of Design Data.

Who is Haier France?

Haier is a global company specializing in home appliances and digital solutions.

As an industry leader, Haier focuses on technological innovation and product quality. It offers a full range of household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, as well as smart solutions for the connected home.

Its various brands and products are sold online, in general supermarkets and specialized stores.

Haier's challenge

Design Data signs an agreement with Haier France

Haier France employs a sales force whose actions are intended:

  • in sales training in stores,

  • to highlight certain products or promotions, and

  • to monitor sales of the brand.

This monitoring was previously done manually, by consolidating the data in an Excel table.

A tedious, time-consuming approach for the team, and involving a high risk of error... In addition, the use of Excel files made any comparison with past data nearly impossible.

The solution provided by Design Data

Thanks to the implementation by Design Data of a data management cockpit, customized to the needs of Haier France, the latter's sales team will now have access to numerous performance indicators with just a few clicks.

Thus the team will be able to:

  • identify and compare sales by geographic area: nationally, by region, department, or even by store,

  • identify and compare sales channels between store and online sales

  • view and compare sales history over a given period, with a previous period of their choice

  • analyze sales volume down to product category, and combine this information with the geographical breakdown of sales (national/region/department.. .)

  • identify the impact of the intervention of sales teams on the sale of a store, by comparing the sales of stores that have been visited by sales teams compared to those that have not have not been...

And, the different KPIs can be crossed with each other for a very detailed analysis of the commercial performance of the Haier France sales team.

The Design Data cockpits therefore adapt perfectly to the needs of companies and their teams, whatever the indicators and activities to be piloted. The cockpit meets both the needs of a sales team as for Haier France, but also the needs of financial, marketing or customer service teams.

Whatever your job, our cockpits will make your data intelligible to gain understanding and make the right decisions at the right time.

Want to know how our management cockpits

accelerate and make your decision-making more reliable?

Discuss with our team now!

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