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Design Data and BioValley, it's done!

Design Data becomes a member of BioValley France

Design Data joins BioValley to support the development of its Serial BI project dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry.

Design Data joins BioValley France

We are delighted to announce that Design Data has joined the great BioValley France family to support the development of its Serial BI project, dedicated to the supply chain management of the pharmaceutical industry.

Being a member of BioValley France allows Design Data to support its R&D efforts for its project Serial BI. By combining the know-how of Design Data with the network of experts of BioValley France, we open new perspectives in the development of our innovative solutions to streamline the pharmaceutical supply chain.

BioValley France, Grand Est Health Competitiveness Cluster

Design Data joins BioValley France for its Serial BI project

BioValley France is a Health Competitiveness Cluster located in the region of Grand Est (larger eastern region) in France. It plays a crucial role in the development and promotion of the healthcare and life sciences industry in the region.

BioValley France stands out for its commitment to fostering collaboration between players in the health sector, such as companies, universities, research centers and public institutions. Its aim is to stimulate innovation, research and development, in order to create a dynamic ecosystem conducive to the emergence of innovative projects.

As a Health Competitiveness Cluster, BioValley France offers a wide range of services and support. It facilitates partnerships between companies and academic actors, promotes technology transfer and supports the creation of start-ups in the field of health. BioValley France also supports companies in accessing financing and helps them position themselves on national and international markets.

Thanks to its expertise and its extensive network of more than 240 members, BioValley France contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of the Grand Est region in the field of health.

BioValley France supports the Serial BI project in its R&D Innovation approach

Design Data is recognized for its expertise in data analysis and visualization, and offers innovative solutions in various sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry through its project Serial BI.

Serial BI screenshots for BioValley France

Serial BI, an ambitious project dedicated to drug serialization, aims to improve the collection, analysis and visualization of alerts and data from the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Thanks to the contribution of BioValley, we will be able to fully exploit the potential of the big data generated by the pharmaceutical industry and transform it into valuable information, confirms Edouard Gobert, CEO of Design Data and Serial BI.

More information on Serial BI:

By accelerating our R&D efforts with the support of BioValley France's experts, we will be able to meet the specific challenges of the pharmaceutical industry and quickly offer significant advances in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

We look forward to working alongside BioValley France to realize our shared vision of cutting-edge technology serving the healthcare industry.

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