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Serial BI wins a new serialization contract with Latvia

New contract signed for Serial BI

Serial BI, the project dedicated to serialization and the pharmaceutical supply chain, developed by Design Data, continues to strengthen its presence in Europe with a new partnership signed with LZVO, the Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation.

Serial BI signes withe LZVO Latvia

This collaboration once again demonstrates the growing expertise of Serial BI in the field of drug and pharmaceutical serialization.

Latvia chooses Serial BI for its serialisation processes

Why Latvia?

Latvia, as a member of the European Union, is committed, like its European partners, to strengthening measures for the safety and traceability of medicines. The objective is to make the pharmaceutical supply chain more reliable, limit counterfeits and thus ensure the protection of patients.

This is how LZVO was born. The Latvian Drug Verification Organization was created in 2016 on the initiative of several Latvian medical associations and bodies and is today led by Inese Erdmane.

To meet the changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the demands of pharmaceutical supply chain and to comply with European and global regulations, LZVO approached Design Data to integrate the solution Serial BI in Latvian serialization and traceability processes.

Serial BI will provide LZVO with intelligent dashboards, able to process all serialization alerts quickly and efficiently.

We are extremely proud of this new collaboration with Latvia. This demonstrates recognition of our expertise in pharmaceutical product serialization and our commitment to providing advanced traceability solutions. Thanks to our partnership with Latvia, we are strengthening our leadership position in the sector, while contributing to patient safety and confidence, underlines Edouard Gobert, CEO of Design Data Consulting.

Serial BI acclaimed by European players

With already several partnerships with MVO (Medical Verification Organisation) in Europe, including France MVO, BeMVO in Belgium and LMVO in Luxembourg, this new contract with Latvia underlines the continued commitment of Serial BI to provide state-of-the-art traceability solutions for all pharmaceutical companies in Europe and around the world.

This new contract confirmes once again the recognition of the expertise of Serial BI in the pharmaceutical supply chain and allows the project to take a new step in its European development. Serial BI is today a key partner by providing advanced technological solutions and proven expertise.

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