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Design Data obtains the French Tech Grant from bpifrance

Design Data recognized for its R&D

Design Data obteins the French Tech Grant from bpifrance

We are pleased to confirm that Design Data has been awarded the Bourse French Tech from bpifrance.

The objective is to finance our R&D work on artificial intelligence around the detection of counterfeit medicines, in particular within the framework of our project Serial BI.

What is the French Tech Scholarship?

The French Tech Grant aims to support French startups by offering them increased visibility and access to funding< /strong>.

The objective is to encourage the creation of innovative companies, with strong growth potential, and to finance initial expenditure to test their market and thus reduce the risks associated with the creation of a start-up.

This assistance is provided in the form of a grant and includes:

  • A grant of up to 30,000 euros

  • Up to 70% of eligible expenses

A performing bpifrance tool

bpifrance suppoprts Design Data

Bpifrance plays an important role in supporting innovative companies in France. It offers financing for startups and SMEs, as well as guarantees for bank loans.

The Bourse French Tech is a bpifrance tool which was launched in 2014. Since then, 3,000 start-ups have already benefited from the grant since its launch.

Bpifrance also invests in venture capital funds to support the development of startups. In addition, bpifrance has implemented several programs to support innovation and business growth, particularly in terms of research and development, digital transformation and export. .

Thanks again to bpifrance for their help, which will help develop our smart dashboard solution for better day-to-day decision-making.

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