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Inauguration of INNOVACT's new premises

Inauguration des nouveaux locaux de l'incubateur INNOVACT à Reims Nouvel'R.

We were proud to take part in the inauguration of the new INNOVACT incubator premises at Reims Nouvel'R on November 15, in the presence of Arnaud Robinet, Mayor of Reims, and Catherine Vautrin, President of Greater Reims.

"As the head of Design Data, and an active member of the INNOVACT family, we are honored to contribute to the Reims innovation ecosystem. INNOVACT , an incubator of excellence accredited by the Grand Est Region, is successfully supporting us today, thanks to its dynamic network of over 270 startups and 45 experts", confirms Edouard Gobert.

Member of the Innovact family

As a member of the large INNOVACT family, we are proud to be supported by this Marne-based incubator labeled as an incubator of excellence by the Grand Est Region.

INNOVACT, part of the Quest for Change network since 2018, is an essential partner with over 270 startups and 45 experts in the Grand Est region.

Successful collaboration for innovation

Our collaboration with INNOVACT has been crucial in the development of our smart dashboards at Design Data. Their mission, to detect and support innovative projects, has proved essential for over 100 startups in 5 years.

INNOVACT also supports local sectors of excellence, including Bioeconomy, Industry and Health.

New premises, new targets

The new premises, located at 28 rue Thiers in Reims, mark a significant step forward in our commitment to innovative entrepreneurship and local economic development.

Called "Reims Nouvel'R", the new premises are more than just a physical space; they reflect the visionary spirit of the entrepreneurs we are proud to support.

Reims Nouvel'R: an innovation hub in the heart of the city

This new downtown address offers exciting opportunities for the region's innovative minds.

As ambassador of Reims Legend'R, Greater Reims' brand of attractiveness, INNOVACT continues to breathe new life into local innovation.

Towards a future of collaborative innovation

We look forward to further contributing to this collaborative dynamic, and to continuing our mission of advanced data visualization and understanding for regional and national companies.

Together, we're building the future of innovation in the Grand Est region and throughout France!

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