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The art of tracking KPIs for general and financial management

The right KPIs for the right decisions

L'approche Design Data pour la créaiton de tableaux de bord interactifs

The observation is alarming! In 2023, the number of business insolvencies in France increased by 35% compared to 2022, reaching 53,343 cases in France.

In this particularly tense context, it is crucial for the General and Financial Departments Have powerful tools to closely monitor the financial health of their business. The objective is to maximize the growth of the company while controlling risks.

For general and financial management, making the right strategic decisions based on reliable and relevant KPIs is essential.

This highlights the importance of carefully monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) for business management.

While general and financial departments are well aware of "traditional" KPIs such as turnover or margin, many other indicators can give an even more precise visibility of financial health.

But how do you go about it when the data is scattered, unreliable and difficult to use ?

This is where Design Data management dashboards add real value. By consolidating your data in a centralized management dashboard and making it intelligible thanks to visual elements (gauges, pie charts, graphs, etc.), Design Data gives you the keys to effectively manage your business.

Identify your growth levers

Thanks to the interactive dashboards developed by Design Data, you can see all the KPIs you really need at a glance. Based on iteration sequences, our BI experts assist you in defining the most relevant metrics to track according to your objectives.

Thus, beyond the turnover and the margin, you will also be able to track the average payment time of your invoices for example, the most expensive suppliers, the most profitable customers, the churn rate, your WCR and much more.

Your data will be collected upstream, then qualified and "scored" to guarantee its reliability and usability. Consolidated in a unified view, you have a 360° overview allowing you to quickly identify the opportunities to be seized, the processes to be optimized and the areas of development to be prioritized.

Anticipate your risks

Beyond performance monitoring, Design Data management cockpit also offers you the possibility of anticipating financial, operational, regulatory or other risks thanks to advanced predictive analysis.

By cross-referencing multiple internal and external data sources, our management dashboards will help you detect early warning signs and alert you to potential risks.

Our solution also integrates traceability and data governance features to guarantee its quality, origin and compliance over time. This makes impact assessment easier.

Thanks to Design Data, general and financial departments have a strategic vision with high added value at a glance

No more fragmented data and tedious Excel spreadsheets! Make way for intelligent and 100% customizable management dashboards, making it possible to identify growth levers in a precise way and anticipate risks as early as possible to make the right decisions at the right time.

Effectively managing your business has never been easier.

Join the companies today

that optimize their decision-making!

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